Spent yesterday with my Sweetie…hanging at home after taking the day off. Needed a day of rest of going to the Mayhem festival on Sunday. Took a nice afternoon nap, watched some tv with Trish during and after dinner. Trish is back on her workout routine, so it looks like I’m eating healthy this week whether I want to or not. She made sure to show me this week’s meal plan in her “fabulous” weekly planner last night!! haha!


Still Sick

Well, my Sweetie is still sick today. Going on almost two weeks…poor Trish. So far I’ve managed to keep from catching it, but that doesn’t mean all is peachy. Like, for example, I’m losing sleep anyway because SOMEONE AND HER DOG were up and about the bedroom at 3 am this morning and woke me up. Finally got back to sleep, but am “dog” tired (see what I did there? haha) today. Oh well, guess being tired beats having a sore throat, stuffy head, and upset stomach. Plus, I did get the whole bed to myself for a good portion of the evening!!

Here’s hoping she gets over it quickly! Until next time…

The Start….

Hello, my name is Tom. Good thing for me it’s not Earl, as that show (ship) has already sailed. I’m engaged to a really beautiful (inside and out) person…Trish. Over the last three plus years, we’ve had many great days, some bad days, but mostly just normal days like everyone else. Today is the day I’ve decided to start “puttin’ ’em down” for safe-keeping. We’ll see how long this little experiment lasts. Until my next post…